1,000 WordPress Views and Twitter Tweet Activity 

WordPress online and the Google Play WordPress.Com app I use on my AT&T Android smartphone is not showing me the first day I signed up to create my WordPress Blog account Vanita earlier in the month of May 2017. My first day signing up was between May 5th, 2017 and May 8th, 2017. My first post on Vanita was published on May 13th, 2017! I wrote about the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar I was sent in the mail. My One-Month WordPress Anniversary is sometime this week! The first thing I wrote on my WordPress blog was my About Me Page: where I live and a few emails businesses, readers and fans can use to send products for product reviews or just to say hello.

Photograph taken of Vanita Perry in Love Nightclub DC December 2012 by Chloe Caldwell

My name is Vanita Perry and I am from the United States of America. I am a Sagittarius and I love to sing, dance and write! I’ve been writing my whole life and I am very interested in becoming a professional writer. I’ve been having so much fun writing these blog posts. I was very excited to find other WordPress bloggers and website content writers, my twitter and my instagram followers, other readers of WordPress and even people who search google enjoy the content I post on Vanita. In less than 3 weeks after writing my first blog post on May 13th, 2017 about Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. The WordPress App I use to edit and publish blog posts on Vanita informed me my newly created WordPress blog Vanita has over 1,000 views!

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry of AT&T Android Google Play Store WordPress App Stats

I love to write and I am very excited to share what I write on WordPress with other social media networks. According to the WordPress website I sign into on my laptop and smartphone as well as the WordPress App I use on my Android I have eight followers on Vanita which is my WordPress blog. The monthly stats written on the AT&T Android Google Play Store WordPress App informed me of my readers from the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Kenya, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, India, Madagascar, Morocco, Germany, France, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Poland, Norway, Singapore, Japan and Hungary.

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                 Photographs taken by Vanita Perry from the AT&T Android Google Play Store Twitter App

In the month of May 2017 I had 983 visitors! 946 readers were from the United States alone! Starting off this month of June 2017 I already have 115 new visitors with 108 new readers from the United States viewing my new product review blog!

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   Photographs taken by Vanita Perry from the AT&T Android Google Play Store Twitter App

I currently have an active twitter accountinstagram account, Google+ page, and a YouTube sign in that I use to view and like YouTube content. I was very excited to find the Twitter App I chose to download from the AT&T Android Google Play Store for my twitter account SweetestVee_ also has tweet activity! I absolutely love viewing my tweet activity! I absolutely LOVE twitter!

I signed up my twitter account in March 2017 and since then Twitter’s website informed me my tweets have earned 485.8k impressions! Each tweet I post on my twitter account SweetestVee_ in reference to my WordPress Blog Vanita has over 100 tweet activity impressions! I have posted 75 tweets on my twitter about my new blog Vanita and these tweets about my blog have 37,693 tweet activity impressions!

I love posting content to my product review blog. I am very excited and surprised readers, followers and subscribers are truly enjoying the content I post on Vanita.

Comment below or email me suggestions of products you would like to see me write a review for on Vanita.


L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius Extra Dry Skin Formula from BzzAgent Product Review

I was very excited to receive this product from BzzAgent. I have never seen L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius locally shopping for beauty items. I am very excited to have had the opportunity to review this skincare product for free. Before writing this blog post I wrote a review for this product on the BzzAgent website. The L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius skincare treatment is amazing!

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

After accepting the invitation to participate in this specific BzzCampaign. I had the option to choose from three different Hydra Genius formulas: Normal/Dry Skin, Normal/Oily Skin and Extra Dry Skin. I chose the L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius Extra Dry Skin Formula.

I was very excited to find this product. L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius Extra Dry Skin Daily Liquid Care works wonders! If you have ever experienced dry skin during or after the winter months this product is definitely something you should try. This product promises to provide instant and continuous hydration for 72 hours. The extra dry skin formula coated my skin very well. It was not too heavy or thick and it was very blendable. I am very excited to one day purchase this product as I add L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius to my beauty regimen.

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

I used this product twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. Even though this is a treatment and you may not want to remove any of this product from your skin. The consistency is heavier than most moisturizers and it’s better to remove excess product before applying more product each day. With any moisturizers or skincare products you can begin to breakout with pimples or acne due to product build up. As recommended by L’Oréal I would also suggest using a cleanser, exfoliator or makeup remover cloth before applying this product in the morning and night. My skin tends to absorb products quickly. I did not wait 72 hours before applying the L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius Extra Dry Skin Formula each time.

The L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius Extra Dry Skin Formula did an excellent job of moisturizing and hydrating my skin. This product has a very pleasant scent and it is not overwhelming. It does smell like typical skincare treatment serums or moisturizers. If it was not for the scent I wouldn’t have thought this product was a skincare treatment. I would also like to express how beautiful the Hydra Genius cosmetic jar is. I prefer glass-like material over plastic for perfumes, makeup and skincare items. This is my first time using skincare from L’Oréal. I am very impressed with this product and the product display.

The L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius Extra Dry Skin Formula in my opinion works best for a night time beauty regimen. After testing this product I prefer to use this solely at night after cleansing and/or exfoliating my skin. I would also recommend using this product during the day without concealers, powders or foundation. L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius Extra Dry Skin Formula will leave your skin looking fresher, healthier and more beautiful each time you use the product.

Comment below or email me if you have ever purchased the L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius Extra Dry Skin Formula.


I recently signed up to join Freeflys. I have been a member of this website for a little over two months. I decided earlier this year I would begin my blog May 2017. Around March I began looking for websites or other blogs that could help me find free samples and products. I was very fortunate to find this website! I have not been able to find any other websites that gather information from other brands or companies providing free samples or products. Free sample and free product websites are something I am very familiar with. I am referring to websites like Freeflys which are different from the product testing and review communities and the sample box communities I have recently joined. I really enjoy surfing the internet and finding free products and samples I can review for my blog. Reviewing free products and samples helps me, my family and friends, my twitter and instagram followers and even other WordPress readers decide if they would like to continue purchasing the products I review and or decide if they would like to purchase these products in the near future.

I have started to receive samples and products I found using the Freeflys website in the mail. There are many ways to stay connected with Freeflys. Freeflys has a lot of different online platforms and even an app to communicate and provide samples to consumers. I recently downloaded the Freeflys App from the Google Play Store. I really like the app although it seems easier to use the website because the app does not have a sign in and it also directs you to the Freeflys website if you want to sign up for the sample in the category list. Sometimes before reading the full description of a sample Freeflys will ask you to sign in using your email address and password. I normally sign in to the website as soon as I receive my daily email from the Freeflys email blast. I signed up on the Freeflys website and I am very impressed with the modes of communication this website provides. Everyday I receive an email from Freeflys with a concise list of all the freebies Freeflys has compiled for the day! If I am unable to check my email or the website longer than a day. Freeflys keeps the samples organized in five catagories. Freeflys will also text your mobile phone using the phone number 40404. The text messages are from the website’s FreeflysAlerts twitter page. Using the phone number 40404 FreeflysAlerts will send you tweets and other sample updates from the Freeflys website. You can opt out of these text messages anytime.

Freeflys is a directory of all the freebies, free samples, and coupons available on the internet provided by different companies and manufacturers. You can receive free products from top brands in the mail, absolutely free! With Freeflys you can get free food and grocery items such as coffees, teas, sweetners and other foods that may not be available to you. You can also get free beauty samples of skin care products, hair care and cosmetics. Freeflys helps to find free toys, formulas and clothing for children. If you are interested in free health samples you can find diet bars, granola, health tea and other health products. The last category is labeled as other samples. Here you can find other miscellaneous free samples that do not fit into the other four categories of food, beauty, children and health.

Join Freeflys to get free samples from top name brands!

Comment below or email me if you are a Freeflys member.

Louis Vuitton SPEEDY 35 purchased from Tysons II Galleria Product Review

The first handbag I bought was from Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton is one of my favorite designers! From the moment I saw the monogram canvas I fell in love. I was very excited to purchase the handbag and matching keychain I saw on the Louis Vuitton website at my local Louis Vuitton boutique.

The SPEEDY 35 has golden color metallic pieces, an elegant hand carry, a zip closure and padlock, rounded handles and trimmings in natural cowhide leather. I never had a problem with the top handles on my speedy. The top handles stayed the same beige color throughout the years. I absolutely love this bag. If you happen to discolor your top handles you can get them replaced at your nearest Louis Vuitton boutique. A lot of people choose to remove the padlock with the golden keys Louis Vuitton provides. The SPEEDY 35 has two golden keys to unlock the padlock attached to the cowhide trim on the side of the handbag. I personally would not remove anything from this bag. It is absolutely perfect the way it is.

I’ve set this handbag on countless scratchy or rough surfaces and never saw a scratch after inspecting the monogram canvas. Unfortunately I did finally acquire some scratches on the side and not the bottom of the bag. My handbag did have lighter scratches prior to the ones photographed in the picture below. I was able to rub the scratches off of the leather. This bag is amazing!

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

This is a SPEEDY 35 in the Monogram Canvas. You can purchase this item in the Women’s Handbags Top Handle collection on the Louis Vuitton website or when visiting your local Louis Vuitton boutique. This bag is absolutely flawless! Louis Vuitton describes this handbag as the first ever carry-all city bag, the Speedy is a must-have for women with a love of fashion. This handbag is the perfect accessory for getting around town in style while carrying all the essentials. That statement is absolutely true! This is a perfect handbag.

I purchased my SPEEDY 35 in the Tyson’s II Louis Vuitton boutique. The boutique was located in Neiman Marcus. The Louis Vuitton boutique had a large space within the department store. I was hoping the Louis Vuitton Boutique located in Tysons II would have a larger store front than the Louis Vuitton Boutique located in the Equinox. I purchased my Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Keychain from the Equinox location and I will provide a review for the keychain as well.

The Louis Vuitton boutique in Tysons II was very beautiful and elegant. There were many items to choose from. I was directed to this location by the Louis Vuitton Boutique located in the Equinox. I called the Louis Vuitton boutique in the Equinox in advance to reserve the items I wanted to buy. Prior to visiting the store the sales assistant told me the items I wanted to purchase would be in stock in either the Equinox location or another Louis Vuitton boutique. I love Louis Vuitton but I did not want to drive more than 20 minutes to buy my handbag or keychain. The Louis Vuitton boutique located in the Equinox did not have the monogram canvas SPEEDY 35 in stock. The sales assistant called another location and reserved the handbag for me. I was really appreciative because I was looking forward to buying that specific SPEEDY 35 and the Tysons II location was only five minutes away.

There was a slight hassle paying for my SPEEDY 35. I was not informed the Louis Vuitton boutique in Tysons II does not accept debit cards. I was really looking forward to purchasing my reserved handbag and leaving. Fortunately the sales assistant directed me to an office location in the galleria where I could withdraw the necessary amount to purchase my handbag. Other than having to momentarily leave the store. Louis Vuitton provided wonderful customer service.

Louis Vuitton has ready-to-wear apparel, handbags, small leather goods, accessories, luggage items, shoes, jewelry & timepieces, fragrances and books & writing agendas for men and women. I absolutely love Louis Vuitton! I am going to purchase more Louis Vuitton handbags, small leather goods, travel luggage, shoes and accessories in the future. The products from this company are very beautiful with perfect craftsmanship.

Comment below or email me your favorite Louis Vuitton products.


redbook Magazine May 2017

Photograph taken from redbook Magazine by Vanita Perry

The May 2017 issue of redbook Magazine has two front covers. The first cover of the May 2017 issue of redbook Magazine is photographed above. This side of the May 2017 issue of redbook Magazine has 161 pages. There is a mailing label designed in the layout. I don’t agree with placing mailing labels on magazines this way. I am unable to see the complete outfit showcased.

Photograph taken from redbook Magazine by Vanita Perry

I really like the second cover. It is a very lovely picture. The second side of the May 2017 issue of redbook Magazine has 31 pages.

While the May 2017 issue of redbook Magazine does not have any scented advertisements. I did find a sample! There is a Garnier® SkinActive® Moisture Bomb sample on the second side of the May 2017 issue of redbook Magazine on page 17.

Photograph taken from redbook Magazine by Vanita Perry

The sample provided on page 17 of the May 2017 issue of redbook Magazine is enough for a first impression. There is not enough for a complete product review. I am excited to try this product. I will update my readers about my experience with this sample in a future blog post.

redbook Magazine was one of the first magazines I was subscribed to. It is a wonderful magazine. redbook Magazine provides anti-aging products and trends, amazing home décor items, fabulous & affordable fashion and delicious healthy eats. You should definitely subscribe to redbook Magazine!

Comment below or email me if you have a redbook Magazine subscription.

Suave naturals Cucumber Melon Body Wash purchased from Walmart Product Review

Suave makes one of my favorite body washes. I absolutely love how this body wash cleanses my skin. When I was out-of-town I went shopping in the local Walmart Supercenter. I was very excited to see products I had never seen before. I decided to try one of my favorite products in a different fragrance. I was overjoyed to find a Suave body wash with these specific extracts. Cucumber Melon is one of my favorite scents!

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

This body wash is excellent. I’ve been using this brand of body wash for over ten years. If you are looking for an affordable body wash Suave naturals is one you should consider purchasing.

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

This product cleanses and moisturizes as well as more expensive brands. Infused with a rejuvenating blend of cucumber and melon extracts along with skin conditioning Vitamin E, Suave Naturals Cucumber Melon will soften and replenish your skin.

Suave offers professional quality shampoo and conditioner, body wash, lotion and hair styling products for men and women. Discover Suave Beauty today. 


W Magazine April 2017

The April 2017 issue of W Magazine is titled Next Up.

Photograph taken from W Magazine by Vanita Perry

I just started reading W Magazine again and the paper used for this publication is very nice. I love looking through this magazine. It is very beautiful.

The April 2017 issue of W Magazine was also sent to me with a mailing label on the front cover. This is the “hers and his” edition and I was able to find out what was behind the mailing label on the front cover of W Magazine on the cover of M Magazine which is on the opposite side of the above photograph. The front cover reads: The Women and Men Transforming the Worlds of Fashion, Design, Art, Music, and Film.

Photograph taken from W Magazine by Vanita Perry

I would like to know if M Magazine is an actual publication. I could not find this magazine online. The Men’s section of W Magazine’s website does not display this cover.

W Magazine ends on page 115. Then the back cover which reads M Magazine is the front view and this publication has 55 pages. I did not like the April 2017 issue of W Magazine because the scented advertisements were found in the men section described as M magazine. M magazine includes Mr. Burberry on page 17 and My Burberry Black on page 18.

Comment below or email me if you have a M Magazine subscription.