Nature’s Bounty Digestive Health Probiotic Gummies from the influenster Daisy VoxBox

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

I have been a member of the influenster product testing community for almost two months and when receiving VoxBoxes I am unable to pick the products I would like to review. I was very surprised to find a probiotic multivitamin within the influenster Daisy VoxBox I was mailed earlier last month, May 2017. I have been searching for a new gummie multivitamin and Nature’s Bounty Probiotic Gummies is a wonderful option. I received the Daisy VoxBox photographed above with all the featured products free or complimentary for testing purposes from influenster!

According to influensterNature’s Bounty Probiotic Gummies Digestive Health is the great-tasting way to get friendly bacteria for your digestive system. Made with natural fruit flavors, Probiotic Gummies Digestive Health features a special probiotic strain that’s naturally found in the intestinal microflora, and surrounds itself with protective layers to increase its viability- many typical probiotic bacteria do not have these protective layers.

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

Before beginning this blog post to let my readers, Nature’s Bounty and influenster know I will be reviewing this product over the next 30 days. I tried two gummies! The Nature’s Bounty Digestive Health Probiotic Gummies container influenster sent me has 60 Gummies. These Probiotic Gummies for Digestive Health have a new improved taste and you can now have two per day. These Nature’s Bounty Probiotic Gummies for Digestive Health are Pineapple, Raspberry and Orange flavored. Before writing this blog post I tried two of the Raspberry flavored Digestive Health Probiotic Gummies. These gummies are very good! The Raspberry flavor reminded me of Bubbalicious.

This product has very pretty packaging with an easy to open twist off cap. Nature’s Bounty Probiotic Gummies Digestive Health has 4 Billion Live Cultures per serving. The following statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. These Probiotic Digestive Health Gummies contain the Probiotic Strain: Bacillus coagulans Unique IS-2. Unique IS-2 is a trademark of Unique Biotechnology Limited. This is a friendly bacteria for the Digestive System that will improve Digestive Health.

Nature’s Bounty Probiotic Gummies for Digestive Health are Non-GM0, have no artificial flavor, no artificial sweetener, no preservatives, no milk, no lactose, no soy, no gluten, no wheat, no yeast and no fish. These Digestive Health Probiotic Gummies are made with Vitamin D to support a healthy immune system, are made with natural flavors, have a guaranteed quality and are laboratory tested. These Digestive Health Probiotic Gummies are for adults and you can enjoy two (2) gummies daily. This dietary supplement multivitamin may be taken with or without a meal. If you have any further Nature’s Bounty Probiotic Gummies Digestive Health nutrition questions or comments call: 1-800-433-2990 Monday – Saturday 9AM -7PM ET.

The Nature’s Bounty Digestive Health Probiotic Gummies I received free from influenster expire July 2018. I am going to eat two Digestive Health Probiotic Gummies once a day for the next 30 days. I look forward to writing a product review on these Nature’s Bounty Digestive Health Probiotic Gummies to update my readers of any benefits this product may provide.

Comment below or email me if you purchase Nature’s Bounty Probiotic Gummies for Digestive Health.


Yesto tomatoes detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask from the influenster Daisy VoxBox

influenster sent me the new Yesto tomatoes Clear Skin detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask complimentary for testing purposes. I received this product in the Daisy VoxBox earlier last month, May 2017. I am very excited to be apart of the #DaisyVoxBox #Contest.

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

The Yesto tomatoes detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask influenster sent me is a 1 Single Use Mask with 96% Natural Ingredients. According to the Yesto tomatoes detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask I received from influenster Charcoal is a natural detoxifier and impurity remover to deep clean skin.

I am going to update my readers of my experience with this product after a few days. I have not used this detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask yet and I want to provide an honest product review to include any breakouts or skin irritations that may occur after using this mask one time. I am very interested in this product. I have never seen or heard of the Yesto tomatoes detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask. If you are interested in purchasing this product influenster says: Yes to your new favorite LBM (little black mask)! Formulated with charcoal to detoxify and clean pores, the single use Yesto tomatoes detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask is perfect for those times when your skin needs a serious deep cleaning.

L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius Extra Dry Skin Formula from BzzAgent Product Review

I was very excited to receive this product from BzzAgent. I have never seen L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius locally shopping for beauty items. I am very excited to have had the opportunity to review this skincare product for free. Before writing this blog post I wrote a review for this product on the BzzAgent website. The L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius skincare treatment is amazing!

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

After accepting the invitation to participate in this specific BzzCampaign. I had the option to choose from three different Hydra Genius formulas: Normal/Dry Skin, Normal/Oily Skin and Extra Dry Skin. I chose the L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius Extra Dry Skin Formula.

I was very excited to find this product. L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius Extra Dry Skin Daily Liquid Care works wonders! If you have ever experienced dry skin during or after the winter months this product is definitely something you should try. This product promises to provide instant and continuous hydration for 72 hours. The extra dry skin formula coated my skin very well. It was not too heavy or thick and it was very blendable. I am very excited to one day purchase this product as I add L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius to my beauty regimen.

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

I used this product twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. Even though this is a treatment and you may not want to remove any of this product from your skin. The consistency is heavier than most moisturizers and it’s better to remove excess product before applying more product each day. With any moisturizers or skincare products you can begin to breakout with pimples or acne due to product build up. As recommended by L’Oréal I would also suggest using a cleanser, exfoliator or makeup remover cloth before applying this product in the morning and night. My skin tends to absorb products quickly. I did not wait 72 hours before applying the L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius Extra Dry Skin Formula each time.

The L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius Extra Dry Skin Formula did an excellent job of moisturizing and hydrating my skin. This product has a very pleasant scent and it is not overwhelming. It does smell like typical skincare treatment serums or moisturizers. If it was not for the scent I wouldn’t have thought this product was a skincare treatment. I would also like to express how beautiful the Hydra Genius cosmetic jar is. I prefer glass-like material over plastic for perfumes, makeup and skincare items. This is my first time using skincare from L’Oréal. I am very impressed with this product and the product display.

The L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius Extra Dry Skin Formula in my opinion works best for a night time beauty regimen. After testing this product I prefer to use this solely at night after cleansing and/or exfoliating my skin. I would also recommend using this product during the day without concealers, powders or foundation. L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius Extra Dry Skin Formula will leave your skin looking fresher, healthier and more beautiful each time you use the product.

Comment below or email me if you have ever purchased the L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius Extra Dry Skin Formula.

live clean from the influenster Daisy VoxBox

I received products free for testing purposes from influenster this month! influenster is an online community where you can discover, review and share information about products and brands. This month I was sent the Daisy VoxBox! I am very excited to participate in the #DaisyVoxBox #Contest. Within the Daisy VoxBox I found live clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Shampoo and live clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Conditioner. These hair care products have unique Eco-friendly formulas that combine Coconut Milk, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 and Rice Protein to nourish and strengthen hair. These luxuriously hydrating formulas will leave your hair feeling soft and silky according to influenster.

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

The Daisy VoxBox I received has seven products, two being the live clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner. You can look forward to a product review of these hair care products in an upcoming blog post. I found it interesting how the shampoo and conditioner were packaged.

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

While I will save for the review how beautiful these bottles are! I did want to talk about the amount of product I received. The shampoo bottle is enough for me to shampoo my scalp twice in one setting, two to three times. That means for me at this stage of my hair journey this product will last me two to three days. The conditioner on the other hand will only last me one day because I use conditioner on my hair and not my scalp. For me to give a more thorough review of hair care products especially shampoo and conditioner I will need enough product to last me two weeks.

Comment below or email me if you are familiar with these products or have purchased them recently!


If you check my twitter you may have seen a tweet about the products influenster sent me complimentary to review for testing purposes. I’ve recently joined the influenster community and it is so much fun! Before I was selected to review products for influenster I was having a wonderful time on the influenster app writing reviews for items I regularly purchase such as chapsticks, eyebrow pencils, compact nail clippers and super-blendable powders. According to the website: influenster is your destination for product discovery and reviews in beauty, food & beverage, health, pets, family, home, tech & electronics and more. If you’re interested you should join now to gain access to over 14 million product reviews, free full size samples and the latest product news!

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

Unfortunately the #DaisyVoxBox was sent to me uncovered. I know some of my readers may not understand where I’m coming from when I talk about receiving items improperly boxed. But first impressions are very important! The #DaisyVoxBox is very beautiful and it’s my personal opinion that this should have been sent to everyone in a more pristine condition. I can’t see why the #DaisyVoxBox was not inside a packing box. Aside from that, none of the items were broken or crushed so I have no other complaints.

If you are unable to view my twitter I know you are wondering what is inside the #DaisyVoxBox photographed above! I was very excited about a few products and I will let you know in upcoming blog posts. influenster sent me seven products to review: live clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Shampoo, live clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Conditioner, the new Yesto tomatoes Clear Skin detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask, 3 Always Infinity with avec FlexFoam Pads with a $1.00 off coupon in case I would like to purchase this product after trying them! I also received a manufacturer’s coupon for a Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt, a box of SkinnyPop Sea Salt Microwave Popcorn and a 60 count of Nature’s Bounty Probiotic Gummies.

I did receive these products free for testing purposes from influenster and I am very excited to review the #DaisyVoxBox. Please comment below or email me if you have ever tried any of these products!

L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius from BzzAgent

BzzAgent has invited me to another Bzzcampaign. I am excited to review the L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris featured product: Hydra Genius. BzzAgent helps you to sample fun products and share your thoughts with friends and family. The membership is free. Sign up today!

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

According to BzzAgent: No matter your skin type, healthy-looking, fresh, glowing skin starts with hydration. Introducing L’Oréal Paris Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care, a line of liquid care moisturizers with nourishing Aloe Water and quenching Hyaluronic Acid for fresh, water-plumped, glowing skin. These lightweight formulas break into water upon skin contact for instant and continuous hydration that lasts 72 hours. All of this is tailored into 3 formulas, each designed to deliver a customized finish by skin type: Normal/Dry Skin, Normal/Oily Skin and Extra Dry Skin.

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry
Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

I finally received a product mailed in a postal services, USPS, UPS, Fed Ex etc. type of packaging box! The packing box unfortunately wasn’t handled with care and the product packaging was damaged but I am still very excited to review this product!

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

I will provide a review for this product in the upcoming weeks! Please let me know if you have purchased this product recently.

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If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed a tweet about BzzAgent earlier this month. BzzAgent is an international network of more than 1 million consumers who voluntarily participate in marketing campaigns for a variety of products and services. BzzAgents get to try products and services then share their honest opinions about them with people they know. I am very excited to be apart of this product testing community. The BzzAgent website specifically talks about sharing honest opinions about products online and off and that is something I am very interested in. To find out more about this company sign up and become a BzzAgent!

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

I received my official BzzAgent Welcome Kit in the mail earlier this month. The card is very informative. It gives you a good idea of the company culture. BzzAgent is very fun and interactive! I am updated a lot via email and I’m really enjoying the community so far. BzzAgent also sent me something special for signing up.

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

If you aren’t invited to participate in BzzCampaigns right after taking your first surveys, BzzAgent will begin sending you coupons for discounted products and services. I am actually finishing up my Welcome Aboard BzzCampaign. I have been posting to Twitter, uploading photos and I have just written a product/company review. To be considered for more BzzCampaigns I was asked to post a photo on the BzzAgent website with something from the welcome kit and something that shows who I am.

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

This is one of my favorite possessions! I love this clutch. It exemplifies who I am. I love all things beauty and fashion! What better way to show that then a beautiful floral pattern. Thanks to BzzAgent for inviting me to my first BzzCampaign.