I recently signed up to join Freeflys. I have been a member of this website for a little over two months. I decided earlier this year I would begin my blog May 2017. Around March I began looking for websites or other blogs that could help me find free samples and products. I was very fortunate to find this website! I have not been able to find any other websites that gather information from other brands or companies providing free samples or products. Free sample and free product websites are something I am very familiar with. I am referring to websites like Freeflys which are different from the product testing and review communities and the sample box communities I have recently joined. I really enjoy surfing the internet and finding free products and samples I can review for my blog. Reviewing free products and samples helps me, my family and friends, my twitter and instagram followers and even other WordPress readers decide if they would like to continue purchasing the products I review and or decide if they would like to purchase these products in the near future.

I have started to receive samples and products I found using the Freeflys website in the mail. There are many ways to stay connected with Freeflys. Freeflys has a lot of different online platforms and even an app to communicate and provide samples to consumers. I recently downloaded the Freeflys App from the Google Play Store. I really like the app although it seems easier to use the website because the app does not have a sign in and it also directs you to the Freeflys website if you want to sign up for the sample in the category list. Sometimes before reading the full description of a sample Freeflys will ask you to sign in using your email address and password. I normally sign in to the website as soon as I receive my daily email from the Freeflys email blast. I signed up on the Freeflys website and I am very impressed with the modes of communication this website provides. Everyday I receive an email from Freeflys with a concise list of all the freebies Freeflys has compiled for the day! If I am unable to check my email or the website longer than a day. Freeflys keeps the samples organized in five catagories. Freeflys will also text your mobile phone using the phone number 40404. The text messages are from the website’s FreeflysAlerts twitter page. Using the phone number 40404 FreeflysAlerts will send you tweets and other sample updates from the Freeflys website. You can opt out of these text messages anytime.

Freeflys is a directory of all the freebies, free samples, and coupons available on the internet provided by different companies and manufacturers. You can receive free products from top brands in the mail, absolutely free! With Freeflys you can get free food and grocery items such as coffees, teas, sweetners and other foods that may not be available to you. You can also get free beauty samples of skin care products, hair care and cosmetics. Freeflys helps to find free toys, formulas and clothing for children. If you are interested in free health samples you can find diet bars, granola, health tea and other health products. The last category is labeled as other samples. Here you can find other miscellaneous free samples that do not fit into the other four categories of food, beauty, children and health.

Join Freeflys to get free samples from top name brands!

Comment below or email me if you are a Freeflys member.


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