GUCCI Joy-Medium Tote Handbag purchased from GUCCI’s Website Product Review

According to google: GUCCI is an Italian luxury brand of fashion and leather goods, part of the Gucci Group, which is owned by the French holding company Kering. GUCCI was founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921. Subsidiaries of Kering include Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and more.

GUCCI is a very beautiful designer brand that makes luxury items for men and women. This company makes makeup and cosmetics, a wide range of accessories to include cosmetic makeup bags and sunglasses, shoes, heels and loafers, luxury clothing and undergarments, parfumes and colognes, designer handbags and more.

I love GUCCI! One of the first GUCCI items I purchased from GUCCI is photographed below. I initially went to my local GUCCI boutique in the Equinox to purchase the items I saw online. The specific items I wanted were not in the boutique so I opted to purchase them online. I payed for the online purchase of the cosmetic makeup bag in the GUCCI boutique and purchased the GUCCI handbag on my laptop at home. I purchased this GUCCI handbag and a matching cosmetic makeup bag on the GUCCI website. Unfortunately I am no longer in possession of the cosmetic makeup bag.

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

This GUCCI Joy-Medium Tote Handbag with beige double plus GG fabric was made in Italy. This handbag is absolutely beautiful! The grey fabric is not dark or dingy. It is absolutely stunning! In the inside pocket of this GUCCI tote the manufacturer placed a squared piece of fabric. This is what the real GUCCI logo looks like.

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

There are many ways to find out if a designer handbag is real. You can bring the handbag to your local luxury boutique which is the best thing to do if you are questioning the authenticity of the product. If you do not live near a luxury boutique you should check the inside of your purchased handbag to make sure the country of origin is correct. The country of origin for GUCCI handbags is Italy. In order for a product to have the made in (country) embroidered tag there must be a certain percentage of material produced or made locally in the country of origin.

A lot of classic handbags like the one photographed above were created in the 1950s. This vintage GUCCI tote is one of my favorite handbags! This GUCCI handbag and the matching cosmetic makeup bag were purchased online. The sales assistant ordered the GUCCI cosmetic makeup bag and it was delivered to the boutique. It was very easy to pickup my delivery. The handbag was delivered to my home address. These two items were in a flawless condition and I was very pleased with the online and delivery service GUCCI provided.

I have had one mechanical issue with this handbag. Within the first year after purchasing this Joy-Medium Tote Handbag the zipper moved off the hinges. I was devastated but also very happy I would be able to have the zipper replaced for free as long as I brought the handbag and the receipt to the GUCCI boutique. This replacement contract was only valid for a year or a couple months less. I was a little displeased that GUCCI did not provide a lifetime warranty for such an expensive luxury product.

I waited to fix my GUCCI handbag because I did not know if I would get the same handbag back or atleast have the handbag returned in the same condition it was in when I brought it to the GUCCI sales assistant. I had a lot of apprehension because I was potentially taking a great risk in never seeing a handbag that I love again.

The GUCCI boutique I visited to purchase these items was relocated to another location. Fortunately for me the same sales assistants in the GUCCI boutique in the Equinox were located in the newly renovated GUCCI boutique in one of the many malls I travel to in my state. I felt comfortable giving the cashier my handbag and they did a wonderful job of making sure I received my original handbag at an out-of-town location. I was more than happy. Not only was the zipper fixed, the handbag was polished and looked brand new!

GUCCI has wonderful customer service. This is definitely a luxury brand you should consider purchasing. Comment below or email me if you have also had a wonderful shopping experience with GUCCI.

Photograph taken from google by Vanita Perry

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