I recently joined Skosay because I am interested in the company’s sampling and rebate programs. Skosay has a common belief in an idea of connecting what matters with who matters and making it easier for consumers to engage with brands and retailers. Skosay’s understanding that consumers are spending more and more time online and less time in stores led them to launch their digital sampling platform for consumers and brands. According to Skosay, Skosay is the first company to bring a sampling and rebate platform together and was the first to launch a digital rebate in a major club chain. Join Skosay today and begin trying new and innovative products!

I was sent a Rimmel product from Skosay earlier this month. I used the Simple Sample program and it was very easy to register and receive this product. When you join the Skosay VIP Sample Club you can sign into your account daily and/or receive texts when free samples are available. Skosay sends text messages to mobile phones using the phone number 89000. After receiving a sample registered users are asked to provide product feedback on Skosay’s website. I noticed Skosay just started a Simply Sample Box. I wasn’t able to register for the first sample box offered. I am looking forward to registering for the next one!

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

This product was mailed to me in a Jiffylite Mailer and I do unfortunately wish it was packaged differently. The eyeliner could have been broken in half by other heavy packages. I do not agree with how I was mailed this product from Skosay. I was also sent two beautiful makeup tip postcards. One is photographed above.
In an upcoming blog post I will provide a product review of the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner I received from Skosay.

To my readers, followers and other Skosay members: Do you find it weird the postcard says this product is available at your local supercenter and not Ulta, Sephora or Rimmel London?

Comment below or email me.


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