L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris Hydra Genius from BzzAgent

BzzAgent has invited me to another Bzzcampaign. I am excited to review the L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris featured product: Hydra Genius. BzzAgent helps you to sample fun products and share your thoughts with friends and family. The membership is free. Sign up today!

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

According to BzzAgent: No matter your skin type, healthy-looking, fresh, glowing skin starts with hydration. Introducing L’Oréal Paris Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care, a line of liquid care moisturizers with nourishing Aloe Water and quenching Hyaluronic Acid for fresh, water-plumped, glowing skin. These lightweight formulas break into water upon skin contact for instant and continuous hydration that lasts 72 hours. All of this is tailored into 3 formulas, each designed to deliver a customized finish by skin type: Normal/Dry Skin, Normal/Oily Skin and Extra Dry Skin.

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry
Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

I finally received a product mailed in a postal services, USPS, UPS, Fed Ex etc. type of packaging box! The packing box unfortunately wasn’t handled with care and the product packaging was damaged but I am still very excited to review this product!

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

I will provide a review for this product in the upcoming weeks! Please let me know if you have purchased this product recently.

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