If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed a tweet about BzzAgent earlier this month. BzzAgent is an international network of more than 1 million consumers who voluntarily participate in marketing campaigns for a variety of products and services. BzzAgents get to try products and services then share their honest opinions about them with people they know. I am very excited to be apart of this product testing community. The BzzAgent website specifically talks about sharing honest opinions about products online and off and that is something I am very interested in. To find out more about this company sign up and become a BzzAgent!

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

I received my official BzzAgent Welcome Kit in the mail earlier this month. The card is very informative. It gives you a good idea of the company culture. BzzAgent is very fun and interactive! I am updated a lot via email and I’m really enjoying the community so far. BzzAgent also sent me something special for signing up.

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

If you aren’t invited to participate in BzzCampaigns right after taking your first surveys, BzzAgent will begin sending you coupons for discounted products and services. I am actually finishing up my Welcome Aboard BzzCampaign. I have been posting to Twitter, uploading photos and I have just written a product/company review. To be considered for more BzzCampaigns I was asked to post a photo on the BzzAgent website with something from the welcome kit and something that shows who I am.

Photograph taken by Vanita Perry

This is one of my favorite possessions! I love this clutch. It exemplifies who I am. I love all things beauty and fashion! What better way to show that then a beautiful floral pattern. Thanks to BzzAgent for inviting me to my first BzzCampaign.


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